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Land as a commodity

Increasing populations and sprawling cities make land a hot commodity around the world. Hungry corporations and developers purchase open real estate for future commercial, retail and residential use. This continued projected growth makes land a high-return investment when value spikes on the leading edge of the development.

Land banking as a tangible asset: 

Land is real property and has a defined tangible asset value most often protected by a deed. Understanding the variables which go into the true value of shares or bonds is often elusive to even the most experienced investor, especially in turbulent economic times. Land has a historical performance as stable, reliable investment, principle is a managed risk.

What if there was a land banking strategy which helped reduce holding costs associated with traditional property investing, for example interest costs of holding land, council rates, land tax, up keeping or maintenance, while making money and profits via capital growth of the area?
Land is real, right? Is your goal to achieve significant personal wealth or at least to be financially comfortable, whatever your definition of comfortable may be? What’s your next step?
Want to know how to secure land for a small deposit via land banking strategy using almost no holding costs, little or no finance needed for 4-10 years depending on your current finances and still be able to get capital growth?

Land Banking Strategy

Land banking investment strategy: There are many reasons why individuals, businesses or government agencies engage in land banking. For individuals it can be a critical strategy to achieving their overall investment and wealth building goals.

Land banking key indicators:
Level, usable land
Abundant water supply
Easy to reach by car, rail and air
Utilities in place for huge growth
Pre-school to college all nearby
Close to an ever-expanding metro area
Current industries growing, more planned
Existing commercial and residential development
Studies projecting healthy population growth
Master plan for streets, roads, sewer, electric and gas
All 10 key indicators must be present to make a land banking purchase.

Want to learn how land banking is used as a retirement strategy, funding a college education or as a legacy building strategy?
How can you use land banking to pay for my child’s college education? Land banking is an excellent way to save for a college education. If you or your newborn’s grandparents invest $30,000 today in land at a conservative 20% annual return, in 18 years your child has access to nearly $800,000 to apply toward his/her educational goals.

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