High Value Client

High Value Client, High Value Services

Not All Clients are created equal. Those who spend the most money over time are the clients with High Value. Hence the term High Value Client.

A high value client is NOT necessarily a High End Client. High End Clients are customers with money. The well off. They are difficult for the lay person to cultivate. And if these are the animals you are targeting in your business initially there is a good chance of failure.

The tasks of roping and branding High End Clients should be deferred – until you get some experience. As there is Great Money to be Made selling to High Value Customers – but who can not be immediately described as High End.

Although most gurus use the terms synonomously High End and High Value – they really are only referring to customers who buy High Ticket services and products. Hence when you see High End Client – read it as High Value Client.

A “high-value client” is a customer who brings in the most value to the business. These are the people who not only seek out your services, but spark growth in the business’ customer base by spreading the word to other like-minded customers

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