Economics Guild

Economics Guild is an elite group of financial insiders bonded together for the common purpose of learning and applying the secrets of finance and money which are being hidden from you by those who are controlling our financial system

Economics Guild – a Secret Financial Society for Business, Investing, Real Estate, Money, Finance, Wealth Creation, Asset Protection and Tax Management.

Economics Guild is not about theoretical Economics. It is concerned with the practical application of Economic Analysis to real world issues and specifically with the optimization of profits and investment returns.

There is no attempt to conceal its existence, only a desire for the knowledge, activities, events, and inner functioning to be concealed from non-members.

Members of the unique Economics Guild obtain privileged knowledge and education in techniques and strategies which are mainly kept secret by Bankers, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Governments. Possession of this knowledge and development of a competence in applying it to business, investing and financial management will assist individuals and firms improve the bottom line.

How would you feel being able to: increase your After Tax Real Estate Returns by 30%? Or, generate additional earnings each year of $100,000 to a $million dollars?

Those are just two of the immediate opportunities members of the Economics Guild have when they join.

For a limited time new memberships are being accepted from intelligent people. There is no academic qualification for applicants – just an assumed understanding of basic Economic Concepts and Elementary Accounting.

An interest in learning about Corporate Finance will be instrumental for developing financial skills and you will need an 8th grader’s math ability (multiplication and percentages).

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