Business Consulting Success Background Experience

Business Consulting Success Background Experience
Biography of Dean Jantasan

Getting professional advice is a vital part of any business. Professional advisers can include financial advisers, legal experts, accountants, bankers and insurance brokers. Whether you’re starting a new business or growing an established one, a good adviser can help you:
identify and reach your business goals
negotiate contracts and other complex documents
understand and comply with rules and regulations
minimize risk in your business
manage tax

Here’s a tip a lot of accountants don’t even know: There are 5 fundamental ways to improve the profit of a business: • Increase sales • Reduce cost of sales (or increase gross profit) • Reduce overheads • Increase prices • ‘
Become more efficient Looking at the first 4, if you could: Increase your sales by 1%; Increase your gross profit by 1%; Reduce your overheads by 1%; and Increase your prices by 1% YOUR PROFITS WOULD INCREASE BY A MASSIVE 23%!

If you could do the same by only 2% then profits would increase by 46%! The key is that every business should aim to work on all four areas at once rather than just focus on one or two areas of the business. ‘

We can provide you with strategies that you can use in each of these areas to help you increase your profits in a big way.

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